About Lana Polic

Lana Polic is a Croatian-based Commercial Fashion and Beauty photographer and professional photo editor. Her unique approach to learning photography techniques through self-portraits has led her to advance quickly through the ranks of most photographers. In her relatively short career, she has already been commissioned to photograph the cover and feature article of a major magazine in Croatia. She has been featured several times in Rangefinder magazine and has been chosen to be part of a very selective mentorship program Canon USA. Lana is a master photo retoucher. Her retouching style is based on natural elegance, intriguing color-grading, and a keen eye for detail. Lana has even retouched the commercial images featured by most of the top stylists in Los Angeles, including the Instagram account of the Kardashian family. Lana has a deep passion for education and helping others through her own experience in this competitive industry.